Sports Medicine – Tendons

Soft tissue allografts used in numerous procedures needing reconstruction or reinforcement. Variety of grafts available to provide surgeons with flexibility when determining best option for their procedure. Sterility assurance level 10  . Stored frozen.

Achilles Tendon

ACT -11


Whole Patella Tendon

PW -11


Hemi Patella Tendon

PH -11


Pre-Shaped Patella Tendon


10mm bone blocks

Anterior Tibialis Tendon

ATBT -11

>8mm x >210mm

Posterior Tibialis Tendon

PTT -11

>8mm x >210mm

Semitendinosus Tendon

ST -11


Gracilis Tendon

GR -11


Peroneus Longus Tendon

PL -11

>7mm x >210mm

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