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Gift of Donation

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Why is tissue donation important?

Did you know that one tissue donor can allow 100+ recipients to return to their normal way of life? Through tissue donation and Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, one donation allows recipients around the globe to have a renewed life. In the restored lives of these grateful recipients, the life of donors lives on.

  • People who couldn’t perform everyday activities, return to their lives without pain.

  • Athletes are able to run again.

  • Lives impacted by serious wounds are given hope.

You can help - Become a tissue donor

Every year over 1 million people receive the gift of a tissue implant. However, many more face extended waiting times or less than ideal substitutes for lack of a tissue transplant. Pinnacle Transplant Technologies encourages you to help by learning the facts about tissue donation, registering to donate and discussing it with your family. 


Tissue donors and their families

We understand that the work we perform every day begins with a loss for a family or birth of a child and donated tissue from a donor. Every donor has a unique story and it is our goal to honor their gift of donated tissue. We are honored to support of donor family and donor’s generosity and are proud to play a role in maximizing the gift of donation.


Donor Services and our partners

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies (PTT) partners with tissue recovery organizations throughout the country to acquire donated tissue, with the goal of providing safe, innovative implants to recipients in need. PTT is dedicated to training, educating and maintaining relationships with our recovery partners in order to promote donation in their respective communities. By working with PTT, our recovery partners benefit from PTT’s ability to innovate, while providing safe implants to our recipients. Further, we are dedicated to investing in the future through innovation of surgical implants, in order to meet changing medical needs. 

Our Donor Services team is committed to providing our recovery partners a high level of service to allow them to support their communities through the gift of tissue donation. Our support services we provide include:

  • On-Call assistance with donation, with 24/7 available service

  • In-depth technical training and support

  • Recovery support, including screening assistance and recovery supplies

  • Regulatory assistance and audit support

  • Tissue transplant records, allowing for feedback to donor families

  • In depth feedback related to donated tissue outcomes

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