Associate Story: Cathy Berg

Congratulations to our June 2019 “Associate of the Month,” Cathy Berg! Cathy is the accounts payable specialist and has previously been recognized for her tremendous contributions to the Pinnacle team.

Her colleagues specifically commended her dedication and caring attitude, among which were key reasons for this recognition. Here is how they described it:

“Cathy is a dedicated individual and works hard to ensure she is on top of her work. She is budget conscientious and believes in sharing resources in order to eliminate duplicate supplies. When speaking on the phone with vendors, Cathy takes the time to listen to their concerns and attempts to be as helpful as possible in a friendly manner. Any time a new associate arrives, Cathy goes out of her way to make them feel welcome. Being available for questions and showing compassion towards her coworkers is something Cathy prides herself in.”

Thank you Cathy for everything you do for PTT!

Read more about Cathy’s journey here.


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