Associate Story: Kelsey Bilodeau

For as long as Kelsey Bilodeau can remember, she has wanted to work in the medical field. From her studies in school to an early job at a birth tissue processor, she seemed destined to make a difference for patients. Now, she is supporting donors and their gifts at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies.

In her role as the Donor Records Coordinator, Kelsey is responsible for obtaining the required medical records, lab results, recovery records, and any additional documentation needed to complete donor medical charts. She also works closely with PTT’s recovery partners and chart review team to ensure that charts are sent for medical review and release in a timely manner. This is a critical step because once donors are medically cleared, she releases them for processing into the life-changing products that PTT creates.

“The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that I am helping to fulfill our donors’ and donor families’ wishes for tissue donation, and that their gifts in return will benefit other patients,” she said.

Kelsey admits, however, that the tissue banking industry has challenged her in many ways. She had never worked on cadaveric donor charts before PTT, and so she needed to learn to work through the emotional aspect of tissue donation. As she put it, the act of compiling the last moments of someone’s life into a chart was incredibly difficult.

However, this gave her tremendous perspective on the “why” behind her work—teaching her to honor the donor gift above all else. As a result, she truly enjoys her role because of this impact.

“I know I am making a difference in people’s lives. We have a great team of people working together towards the same goal of honoring the donor gift and improving the lives of others,” she said.

This positive attitude is just one of the reasons that Kelsey was named our Associate of the Month for March. Here is what her colleagues had to say:

“Kelsey is always willing to assist with areas outside of her job scope. When she is asked to help she has a cheerful demeanor and a smile on her face. She speaks with her contacts in a pleasant way and eagerly talks with those she comes in contact in a professional way. Kelsey has a can-do attitude, and she is willing to push through obstacles and work with people around her.”

Congratulations Kelsey!


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