Associate Story: Kevin Okarski, Frank Petty

September represents a special month for Pinnacle Transplant Technologies because our team could not pick just one associate of the month—so we chose two instead! Kevin Okarski, Research and Development Manager, and Frank Petty, Research and Development Scientist, were both recognized for their exceptional contributions to the R&D lab and PTT as a whole.

Both Kevin and Frank appreciate their opportunities at the regenerative medical company and believe the collaborative nature of their work is responsible for their collective success in the lab.

“We work really well together, we are able to play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Frank said. “Science cannot be done by a single individual—we each bring our own knowledge, expertise, and viewpoints to the table if we want to create something special.”

Kevin feels similarly: “When discussing new ideas we each bring different perspectives and that has proven to be highly advantageous. We enjoy working together and tackling new projects.”

They also are able to help advance other critical company objectives with their enthusiasm and expertise, something that was not lost on the other members of the PTT team. Here is what their colleagues had to say:

“Kevin & Frank are committed to PTT guiding principles in every aspect of their work. Over the last few months, they took the time to collaborate with quality and production to help with the AATB audit while continuing their work in R&D. When working with internal stakeholders and other associates, they are always professional and turn around requested items quickly because of their appreciation and understating of business functions. Their work with fiber and fiber putty extended over many hours and was planned to make a smooth transition to production that was executed ahead of schedule. Their dedication to this project created a higher yield of fiber product, therefore honoring the gift and maximizing the number of products patients could receive.”

And that is what it is all about. Both recognize the importance of their daily work and the impact it has on the community. 

Kevin further credited the trust and support that they receive from others within the company. The “Associate of the Month” award is just one of the ways that PTT rewards its people.

“We work hard to bring value to PTT,” Kevin said. “It is reassuring to have an employer that recognizes, acknowledges, and promotes effort and contribution.”

Of course, there is one downside to having co-associates of the month: they have to figure how to share the parking spot Regardless, congratulations to both Kevin and Frank for all they do for our organization. The honors are well earned for both of you!


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