Associate Story: Rebecca Long

It might be obvious for a human resources professional to find the most reward from working with and around great people, but Rebecca Long—Pinnacle Transplant Technologies’ HR administrative assistant—truly takes great pride in it. Whether she is helping with new associate training and onboarding or maintaining thorough associate records, she loves supporting others so they can be more effective in their roles.

“The most satisfying part of my job is making others’ lives easier. I know how stressful day to day operations can get when there is so much going on, so anytime I can get someone paperwork they can’t locate or help zero in on certain information they may be looking for, I feel like I’ve made a difference,” she said.

It is precisely this quality that her team wanted to recognize when they awarded her Associate of the Month for May 2019.

“Rebecca is a detailed professional who also shows a caring personality,” her fellow colleagues said. “She is always willing to stop and listen to questions and provide answers in a timely manner. She is very conscientious about paperwork and values other’s time, especially as it relates to deadlines. She goes out of her way to make things easily attainable for associates.” 

No task is too small for her either. She knows that every person has a part to play in the success of an organization, especially one like Pinnacle.  

That is why PTT was the perfect place for her to excel, not only because of the opportunity to utilize her expertise in office management but to work in a medical role that created a meaningful impact in the world. As she described it: “Knowing I am a part of something that improves lives and gives people a second chance is an experience unlike any other.”

She also knows that this extends to the leadership and quality of the people that work at Pinnacle.

“It was a radical change. This is the first company I’ve worked for where the executives know my name and even stop to chat with me,” she acknowledged. “I have been extremely lucky to encounter the kind of comradery that Pinnacle has, and walking through the buildings in the mornings knowing everyone’s name makes working here one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

We are glad to have you as part of our team, Rebecca!


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